Route "Field" 30 min
If you like adventure, then it's time to put on a helmet, start the engine and go to meet new impressions for a walk with a portion of adrenaline on a powerful quad bike. Picturesque landscapes and magnificent panoramas of Lviv country spaces will remain
Price 1 quad bike, 1 person
Price 600 UAH
Passenger +
Price 100 UAH
Outfit is issued
from 18 years old
Count of ATVs group of 1- 4
30 minutes
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You are gambling and dreaming to try something new, but for the first time decided to ride a quad bike in Lviv?  - Then the route "Field" - exactly what you need!


Self-driving a quad bike you can enjoy the beauty of our region, and small descents and interesting climbs, overcoming obstacles in the form of hills and elevations that lie along the route will gradually prepare you for further levels of quad biking.

Riding a quad bike - what is it?

Extreme quad bike is a trip over rough terrain on powerful off-road vehicles.

The ATV is an amazing machine that combines the best features of a jeep, a motorcycle and a tractor. For this technique, the fun begins where the asphalt ends. His element - sand, marsh, forest thickets. The driver is full of adrenaline and unforgettable emotions from such exciting entertainment.

Where do we ride?

Just 30 minutes from the center of Lviv, there is a territory that Lviv grass is called “Little Switzerland.” This is the most mountainous and picturesque area near Lviv. It is here that we chose a place for quad biking.

Driving a quad bike

Beginners will not even need a driver's license. Everyone will ride on a separate all-terrain vehicle and thanks to the automatic transmission will cope with control without any difficulties.

We offer BRP Outlander 400 max ATVs, which are extremely easy to operate and comfortable to ride. After a detailed briefing from a professional, any newcomer will be able to sit behind the wheel of a quad bike and enjoy the ride to the fullest. You can ride at speed, with a breeze or at a slow pace, enjoying the beauty around.

BRP Outlander 400 max utilitarian

Overall dimensions: 2184 mm (length) x 1168 mm (width) X 1143 mm (height)

ATV weight - 276 kg;

About "Engine capacity - 400 cc;

Maximum load on ATV - 150 kg

Drive type - all-wheel drive;

How does the event happen?

Filling out a rental agreement (bring an identity card with you)

The issuance of the necessary protective equipment and clothing.

Instructing, training in driving a quad bike.

Walk (Self ATV)



Individuals are allowed to self-manage from the age of 18.

For children from 10 years is a passenger space.

For driving a driver's license is not needed.

Not allowed to ride a person in a state of drug or alcohol intoxication.

During the walk it is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages.


Included in the price:

Protective suit

Helmet with pidshlemnik;


Accompanying instructor on a separate ATV


Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of drive and beauty of nature!