About us
About us

We offer exciting off-road riding on ATVs, beautiful scenery and an unforgettable time out in the countryside. Weekend in our gazebos.

You can get new unforgettable emotions as well as relax in the wood-heated bath and rent a modern cottage for a group of friends.

Our ATV rental is located in the most mountainous and picturesque area near Lviv, just 15km away. from the center of the ancient city.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of drive and beauty of nature!

Quadro Park invites everyone to:

  • Exciting off-road quad biking, beautiful scenery and unforgettable pastime.

You can have a rest with us as a whole company - ride quad bikes, as well as rent a gazebo and cook a fragrant kebab. Our ATV rental is equipped with comfortable changing rooms and a bathroom.

  • Accommodation and rest in a cottage for 8 people RedWoodHouse

The merry company will be able to enjoy the company of close friends and stay at the RedWoodHouse - a modern cottage with a national flavor with an outdoor pool, a steam room with wood.

You can arrange a spiritual gathering in the courtyard or by the fireplace in the guest room. On the territory there is a lounge area, swings, deck chairs.

It is very easy to find us - we are located at: Lviv bypass, Vinnichka village, 15km from the center of Lviv

Quads - entertainment in the summer and winter!

Want to try something new? Diversify a holiday, birthday, corporate party or just have fun with friends?

Riding all-wheel drive quad bikes is a great choice!

Men and women (at the age of 18) with and without the ATV control experience can become participants of the walk.

Our vehicles BRP Outlander 400 max :

Overall dimensions: 2184 mm (length) x 1168 mm (width) X 1143 mm (height)

ATV weight - 276 kg;

About "Engine capacity - 400 cc;

Drive type - all-wheel drive;

Maximum load on ATV - 150 kg

Various routes:

Route - Track number 1

The territory for skiing is 3 hectares of picturesque country spaces, beginner level. Specially made track for riding quad bikes with difficult and interesting turns is great for those who like to drive with the wind on powerful all-terrain vehicles.

The maximum number of quad bikes in a group is four.

Minimum ride time is 30 minutes.

Route "Panorama Hologory"

The route passes through the picturesque places with panoramic views of the villages of Vinnichka, beginner level.

The walk is ideal for people with little experience driving a quad, family walk with children.

The maximum number of ATVs in a group is four.

The maximum number of participants is eight.

Walk time from 30 minutes to 1:00.

Route - for professionals "Adrenaline"

The route passes through the forest of the village of Sosnovka with difficult descents and ascents, wetlands, the level is difficult.

Skating is carried out without an additional passenger.

The maximum number of quad bikes in a group is four.

The walk time is 1.5 hours.

Route - Quad-tour to the Carpathians

Departure to the Carpathians for riding East Beskydy for the whole day.

Duration of the tour from 10 to 12:00.

The tour is organized for a group of 3 - 4 ATVs.

The trip is provided with lunch, equipment, escort of the instructor and transfer to the Carpathians to the starting place.

How does the quad bike ride go?

  • Filling out a rental agreement (bring an identity card with you)
  • The issuance of the necessary protective equipment and clothing.
  • Instructing, training in driving a quad bike.
  • Walk (accompanied by an instructor on a separate ATV)

Take friends, loved ones, relatives and go on an exciting ride on quad bikes!




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