Drive with your girlfriend

Are you in love Then a walk on a quad bike with a loved one will help you to strengthen the relationship and raise it to a new level. In one hour drive with beautiful panoramas you will get lots of emotions.

1 hour
The certificate is valid for 2 months
Does not depend on weather
2 people per 1 ATV.Group up to 4 ATVs
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We offer you a gift certificate that brightens up the day, improves mutual understanding and becomes a ticket to perfect relationships with your beloved. The quad bike will help you not only feel like a king, but also her princess. And let mud from the mud fly from under the wheels, when you love each other, it does not matter.

Be sure to do Celfi. You will definitely put these frames in the frame to the most prominent place. Do you want to spend your leisure time? Order us a gift certificate for a quad bike ride.

ATV Racing - What is it?

Extreme on Quad Cycles is a cross-country ride on powerful SUVs.

The quad bike is an amazing machine that combines the best features of a jeep, a motorcycle and a tractor. For this technique, the most interesting is where the asphalt finishes. Its element is sand, swamp, forest woods. The driver is overwhelmed by adrenaline and unforgettable emotions from such an exciting amusement.

BRP Outlander 400 max utilitarian

Overall dimensions: 2184 mm (length) x 1168 mm (width) X 1143 mm (height)

Weight of a quad bike - 276 kg;

About "Engine volume - 400 cubic centimeters;

Maximum load on a quad bike - 150 kg

Drive type - four-wheel drive;

Where are we riding?

In just 30 minutes from the center of Lviv is the territory, which Lviv is called "small Switzerland". This is the most mountainous and picturesque area near Lviv. It was here that we chose the place for quad bikes.

Get off the road at any time of the year

Quad bikes are stable not only on the road, but also beyond its borders. They have the power to overcome any off-road - hills, snow and even sand. The ride is available at any time of the year, because this transport is not afraid of heat or winter coolness. On the contrary, extreme weather conditions are the more interesting.

It's easy to drive a quad bike

Beginners do not even need driver's license. You and your loved one will ride on a separate all-terrain vehicle and thanks to the automatic transmission you will manage with no difficulty.

We offer BRP Outlander 400 max ATVs, which are extremely easy to drive and comfortable to ride. After a detailed tutorial from a professional, any newcomer will be able to sit behind the wheel of a quad bike and enjoy the trip to the fullest. You can ride either at speed, with a breeze or at a slow pace, enjoying the beauty around.

Ready to plunge into crazy emotions and want to give them to a loved one?

It looks like a gift!